Easy new page creating using Emacs and Template.el

14 Nov 2011

How I installed Template.el to help make blogging quick in Emacs

installing Emacs Template mode in Aquamacs. Based on This web site.

Downloaded and put the template.el file into ~/.xemacs/lisp. Visit the file and ` M-x byte-compile-file RET template.el RET`. Loads of errors.

Put into Emacs settings (Library in Aquamacs): (require ‘template) (template-initialize) M-C-x

Copied example templates to ~/.templates.

Restarted Emacs

Read the manual.

Created the following empty markdown article with Nanoc header in ~/.templates:

title: (>>>TITLE<<<)
kind: article
category: Computer stuff
created_at: (>>>DATE<<<)
summary: (>>>SUMMARY<<<)


("SUMMARY" "Summary?" "" "" "-- no summary --")
("TITLE" "Title?" "" "" "")

Now, to submit a now article, I can do: C-x t, type the new folder and filename with the .md extension, and type RET. Further filling in the prompts for template (RET), summary and title is a breeze, and then I have the cursor placed at exactly the right point for starting to blog.

Great stuff.