Listing life goals with 43things

22 Nov 2011

I started a list of things I want to do some time on

I have been having a nagging sense that I have way too many dreams and am not doing much about most of them. It’s always been taking the next step, and following the clear path forward. Most of this is because of my ‘in the box’ thinking, I think. I did not grow up with the talent of seeing big opportunities, of beleiving that the imaginable can actually be realized. At times this has been a great burden on things, but recognition has led to increasing understanding, and it’s getting easier and easier to actually follow the dream.

Strangely, this does not at all go for travelling. When I travel, I can be ambitious, set the weirdest goals and totally accept whatever comes along. The same goes for photography, which to me feels a lot similar to travelling. It is imperative to set a goal, a challenging one, but it is just as imperative to not allow the goal to blind you for the path you are on. Only with a goal, do you escape your preconceptions, patterns and habits.

In recent years, I have done several larger and more compact things, which were clear examples of this thinking. Things that I did, knowing that they would turn out to deliver, if not the expected result, an experience. It strikes me, that many of these actions included what you could describe as ‘dreams’ or ‘ambitions’. So, this is an attempt to formalize this thinking, and to visualize my opprtunities for the future. Let’s write a bucket list, a list of dreams, ambitions and goals!

What I did recently:

So how to go forward?

What is in the list now?:


… is what i do.

I see one overriding theme in this short list: adventure. I like adventure, apparently.

Other themes:

Midlife crisis?